Automatic Delivery

The best way to guarantee your family´s comfort all year long is to sign up for Automatic Delivery.  Why worry about your deliveries when you don´t have to.  Let Bahre´s Heating Oil LLC automatically come out and deliver your oil. With automatic deliveries there is no need for you to monitor your oil level in your tank.

Our software monitors your home heating usage so you don´t have to. Automatic deliveries are determined by using a Degree Day System.  A simple math equation, and a little bit of history on your home and the computer will do all of the work.

  • It’s free!  Sign up for Automatic Delivery is free of cost and you’ll never have to worry about running out of oil again.
  • Convenience you can count on.  With Automatic Delivery…
  • You save $0.04 per gallon off the stated website price
  • You never have to watch your fuel gauge or wait around for a delivery.

Its simple! Just one call and you’ll be set all year-round.  No more checking fuel levels and worrying about preparation for the next winter storm.  With a truck in your neighborhood, we are standing by ready to take care of you.

Please Review our Automatic Delivery Terms and Conditions.