Terms and Conditions

Automatic Delivery Terms and Conditions:

  • Automatic delivery means that Bahreś Heating Oil LLC will monitor your oil usage, fill your tank as needed, and charge your credit/debit card on file with us for said delivery.
  • The system used to monitor your usage is called a degree day system and only works efficiently with complete fill ups on each and every delivery made.
  • Bahreś Heating Oil LLC is not responsible for damage or loss caused by failure to make delivery due to labor shortage, strikes, or conditions beyond our control. In the event of DEFAULT, and we do not deliver oil as a result of DEFAULT, we will not be liable for any damages in either direct or indirect manner.
  • Bahreś Heating Oil LLC shall be released of liability for run-outs¨ when the customers fuel usage is erratic and/or if the oil tank fill pipe or vent are inaccessible or if vent alarm does not work.
  • Should you need to cancel automatic delivery we will need a written letter, sent by certified mail for cancellation of services. For this consideration, customer understands and agrees to purchase all of their fuel oil requirements exclusively from Bahreś Heating Oil LLC pursuant to the terms stated herein for this period. If any oil deliveries are refused by the customer, this will constitute a breach of this contract.
  • This agreement serves as your permission for Bahreś Heating Oil LLC to charge your credit/debit card for all goods and services provided to you by Bahreś Heating Oil LLC. By signing the bottom of this agreement you are entering into a payment agreement with Bahreś Heating Oil LLC. Failure to have sufficient funds available at the time of delivery will result in the account being noted as non-payment or uncollected funds and will be suspended until proper payment has been made.
  • Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep your account in good financial standing with Bahreś Heating Oil LLC. Automatic deliveries will not be made if there is a balance on your account for any oil delivery or service provided. There will be a $15.00 unavailable funds fee charged to your Bahreś Heating Oil LLC account if funds are not available. Bahreś Heating Oil LLC is not responsible for “run outs” if funds are not available for charge. Necessary service due to customer related “run outs” is a chargeable service.
  • Be sure to contact us with any expected changes in your fuel consumption so we can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Payment Terms: 
All payments for oil delivery will be made by credit/debit card.